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Re-Politisation of the Public – Democratisation in Communes: Requirements for solidary housing

International exchange of experiences, 13 November 2015, Brussels

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EXTENSION for call for tenders: What room for manoeuvre does the current legal framework within the EU offer for a left-wing industrial policy?

The financial crisis within the EU is gaining in severity. Although seven years have passed since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, many economies within the EU, such as Greece, are enduring the worst financial crisis since the Second World War. It is important to recognise that the period in which poorer countries within the EC/EU were catching up economically is over (for the time being at least). In fact, the gap between the production capacities of the various countries is even showing signs of growing, and countries like Italy and France have experienced deindustrialisation on a massive scale over many years. This trend towards a growing level of structural inequality has been exacerbated by the (crisis) policy pursued by the various EU institutions.

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Vacancy Office-Manager

Das Europabüro der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Brüssel sucht zum frühestmöglichen Zeitpunkt, möglichst zum 01.01.2016, eine/n Office Manager/in (Vollzeit, unbefristet).

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Publication: Golden Dawn on Trial

by Dimitris Psarras. Athens/Brussels, September 2015


After many years of bloody action on the streets, the leaders and officials of Golden Dawn are in the dock facing charges of directing and participating in a criminal organisation. No special legislation or political intervention was required. All that was needed was the state’s decision to allow the criminal code to be applied and the combining of dozens of case files on the activities of Golden Dawn’s hit squads. The representatives of the Nazi organisation like to talk about a “conspiracy” and “political persecution”.

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