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Lunch seminar on TTIP with John Hilary

Public event, 27 November 2014, Stockholm (Sweden)

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1914. Between war and revolution

Colloquium, 11 December 2014, Liège (Belgium)

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Double Standards. International Implementation of Investment Protection versus Human Rights


The European Commission is currently negotiating contested free trade agreements with Canada (CETA) and the United States (TTIP). Both agreements include provisions that allow companies to sue states before international courts of arbitration. The so-called investor-state dispute settlement allows companies to demand compensation from national governments if they see their profits at risk.

Ilja Braun illustrates how the imbalance is growing between the right for companies to defend their profits - even against labour protection or environmental laws – while people struggle for the right to protect their natural resources against exploitation and destruction.

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150 years of the International Working Menís Association


On 28 September 1864 the International Working Men’s Association, the First International, was founded in the St. Martin’s Hall in London. It aimed at uniting workers’ societies internationally to realize their common goal of the emancipation of the working class. A representative committee of worker’s societies came together to this end and committed to the protection, advancement, and complete emancipation of all workers.

At this meeting Karl Marx hold one of his famous speeches and read out the preliminary statutes of the International Working Men’s Association.

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The Role of Natural Gas in Current EU Energie Policies

Authors: Peter Polder, Tamra Gilbertson, Antonio Tricarico. Brussels, September 2014

While the European Commission holds a trilateral gas talks with the Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers on gas transit, our new study explains how the European Union generally lacks comprehensive measures leading to the important energy transformation that would leave fossil fuels underground.

Natural gas plays a major role in current efforts to implement new energy and climate policies in the EU. Proponents claim natural gas is an important, clean energy source needed as a ‘transition’ fuel, while social movements and communities increasingly organize against dangerous gas fracking techniques and increased gas flaring across the globe.

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