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Left festivals in Europe

Press and left party festivals in Europe during September

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Grassroots energy transition instead of fossil companies

Study on energy democracy published (in German)


In view of this year’s COP 21 climate talks in Paris, calls to world leaders to shift away from fossil fuels are getting louder. Climate activists, climate experts, scientists, politicians, social movements but also climate change itself with its inherent catastrophes have a simple message for the COP21 negotiating partners: we need a speedy energy transition!

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Economic Valuation of Nature. The Price to Pay for Conservation? A critical exploration

by Jutta Kill. Brussels, August 2014. In English and German.


'Nature is destroyed because it’s invisible to politicians and business', advocates of economic valuation say. The implicit assumption: Create a ‘nature that capital can see’ and the loss of biodiversity will be stopped. But it isn’t that simple! Possibly far-reaching changes in perception and subtle changes to legal principles will go hand-in-hand with creating a ‘nature that capital can see’.


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TTIP - Why the World Should Beware

Working paper by Manuel Pérez-Rocha. In cooperation with IATP, IPS, FOCUS and TNI. Brussels, June 2015


The trade and investment partnership TTIP, which is currently being negotiated between the EU and the US, will affect the whole world. But the other world regions, like the BRICS or the Global South are being excluded from the trade negotiations and hardly get attention in the debates around TTIP. This trend is shifting today: because TTIP as an “economic Nato” is putting the rise of the BRICS, especially China and Russia, into relation with a looming “descent of Europe”. According to the negotiating partners the economic rise of the BRICS has to be prevented. But at what price?


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