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Strategies of Energy Democracy in Europe, Latin America and the US

Seminar in Brussels, 24-25 October 2014

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A critical look at the so-called "German job miracle"

Written by Klaus Dörre, August 2014. Available in English, French and German


In his new publication The "German Job Miracle" - a Model for Europe?, Klaus Dörre takes a critical look behind the appealing facade of the “German employment miracle”.


Based on his own research, he describes a society of full but precarious employment, in which people in insecure jobs and the socially excluded pay the price for an export model that is exacerbating inequalities in Europe and so destroying the foundations of its own success.

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Economic Valuation of Nature. The Price to Pay for Conservation? A critical exploration

by Jutta Kill. Brussels, August 2014


'Nature is destroyed because it’s invisible to politicians and business', advocates of economic valuation say. The implicit assumption: Create a ‘nature that capital can see’ and the loss of biodiversity will be stopped. But it isn’t that simple!


Possibly far-reaching changes in perception and subtle changes to legal principles will go hand-in-hand with creating a ‘nature that capital can see’. Abundant absurdities are coming to the fore in the attempt to turn the web of life into neatly packaged, measurable and comparable ‘ecosystem service’ units. They deserve exploring.


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Energy Democracy in Europe. A Survey and Outlook

by Conrad Kunze and Sören Becker. Brussels, June 2014.


Renewable energy sources are an appropriate means of combatting climate change. Implemented correctly they could even become part of a wider social change.

This study offers a general overview of vanguard energy democracy projects within the EU. It presents nascent energy projects characterised by their combination of an energy transition approach with gains in participation, collective ownership, or for local business or ecology in general.


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