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Enlazando Alternativas und Permanentes Volkstribunal (TPP)


Network Meeting, Brüssel, 15.-17. Nov. 2009


Report: European Union and Transnational Corporations: Trading Corporate Profit's for People's Rights


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This Briefing aims to open a new public debate on the operations of European TNCs and introduces : key issues of violations of peoples’ rights in the TNC cases presented to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal ; an analysis of the architecture of impunity in which TNCs operate in LAC and in Europe and the role of EU policy mechanisms and instruments in this as well as the role of LAC governments ; and proposals for an alternative regulatory framework for TNCs which goes beyond voluntary mechanisms and Corporate Social Responsibility.




1. Introduction


2. Evidence of the violation of fundamental human rights by transnational corporations in the cases presented to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal


3. The Responsibility or Co-responsibility of the European Union in Human Rights Violations of European Transnational Corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean


4. The Search for Justice: Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility




* Jesús Carrión & David Llistar (Observatory on Debt and Globalization)
* Erika Gonzalez & Pedro Ramiro (Observatory on Multinationals in Latin America)
* Juan Hernández Zubizarreta (Universidad del País Vasco/OMAL)
* Tom Kucharz (Ecologistas en Acción)
* Francesco Martone (Permanent Peoplesʼ Tribunal -PPT)
* Brid Brennan & Karen Lang (Transnational Institute)


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