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Left Industrial Policy in Europe

Workshop, 27-28 April 2915, Brussels (Belgium)

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TTIP - Why the Rest of the World Should Be Beware

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (US) - could have massive implications for people and the environment on both sides of the Atlantic. The stakes couldn´t be higher, not only for Europeans and Americans, but also for the rest of the world, which would be affected in many different ways by this agreement between these two superpowers of trade. The objectives of TTIP go well beyond intentions to solidify the Anglo-Saxon neoliberal model. It is a geopolitical strategy to confront the emergence of a multipolar world.

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People and the planet before profits!

Global Call for Action to Defeat Free Trade and Investment Treaties

Civil society organisations from across the world are calling for a Global Day of Action on 18 April 2015 to stop free trade and investment deals and promote an economy that works for people and the planet.

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Call: Renewing Europe – For a common social and ecological industrial policy in Europe

In cooperation with Axel Troost and Transform Europe!

The European left is yet lacking a common position to oppose the economic policies of the Troika. To find - even the lowest - common denominator of the different approaches and experiences of European member states and left parties, we will need targeted and concerted common efforts.

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