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Topic 1: Situation and development of The Left in Europe and the World Regions

The situation and development of the left in Europe and in various world regions; examination of the social structures on which it bases itself, its capability to formulate strategy, engage in action and enter into cooperative efforts inside and outside of parliaments; Analysis of the cooperation between the European Left and the left in the other world regions. Major conferences had being organised on this topic, involving Latin America and Europe. Conferences involving Africa and Europe follow.

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Topic 2: Analysis and Strategies in the World Crisis

Analysis and strategies in the world crisis related to the various world regions on the key issues and the requirements for action facing such international organizations as the EU, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, etc.; Development of overarching positions on for transformational processes, strategies for action in international solidarity, and the left’s answers to the crisis.

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Topic 3: The European Union and its Relations to World Regions

The European Union and its relations to the world’s regions; critique of the imperialistic positions of the EU, of trade agreements, and of the privatisation of public and community services; Cooperation with partner regions.

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Topic 4: Peace, Alternative Security Architecture and Civil Conflict Resolution

Peace, the security architecture and civil conflict resolution strategies; attempts to interrelate the experiences in various regions, and to develop a common framework for civil peace and conflict resolution strategies. The first major project in this context has been initiated with peace activists from Somalia, ex-Yugoslavia and Israel/Palestine. Further planned projects include: a new security architecture between east and west, and between north and south; Critique of NATO and a reform of the UN and the OSCE.

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Topic 5: Defense of Democracy and Resistance to Authoritarian and Right-Wing Extremist Developments

Defense of democracy and resistance to authoritarian and right-wing extremist developments. The democracy issue includes as central components the topics majorities / minorities, and migration / refugees, involving both intra-European processes (“Fortress Europe”, anti-minority racism against the European Romany people), and the development of key topics in cooperation with other world regions (e.g. Eastern Europe and the Eurasian area); Also, single projects on mega-cities.

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Topic 6: Development of Strategies for Alternative European Policies

Development strategies for alternative European policy: economic democracy, European labour and social policy; Deepening of democracy and the issue of the creation of a Europe-wide public opinion; Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; Development of the components for European policy education within the spectrum of the left.

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